Day 338 - Part 1/2

Lobby of the Mountain Kings

The day begins with the notice that Aurélien’s sword has, indeed, been located in the Vaults of Maugrimm. The PC’s roll up their sleeves, paint their faces, and set to politickin’.

First they themselves with the seven major clans of Maugrimm. The Eisengaz Clan has ruled since the end of the 2nd Tidal War and seems to specialize in politics both foreign and domestic. The Knut Clan’s members are most commonly merchants, and are favorably inclined to support Aurélien. They heard his story from their kinsman, Hanza Knut, whom Aurélien had met in Samar. The Veishammers are the most imposing, a line of armored mercenaries on either side of the table. The Smeddiks are the least imposing. Their age-old control of the Maugrimm brewing operations seems to have indulged their race’s latent alcoholism. The Noori’s are the most standoffish; being the “levite” caste of lorekeepers and holy men requires them to limit their contact with non-dwarves. The Förfalsk table is the dirtiest. Most of their clansmen came straight from the forge where they work the finest metal and stone in all Coppyrnica.

The Är clan is the msot unusual. Their table seats the representative of the Ironhart Dwarves, subjects of the Holy Sea, as well as the Krakyn’s emmissary, Admiral Hruntiel Thrall and her pet monkey Nkawu. Once the proud engineers of the kingdom’s food delivery system, the Är have seen their wealth and prestige slowly decline throughout the centuries. In a bid to reclaim lost glory, they seem to have allied themselves with the Krakyn. About half of the clansmen now practice the Briney Faith, which has invoked the ire of the other clans (particularly the Noori).

The leader of each clan is given the title Prince or Princess. The patriarchs of each clan are:

The Knut Clan is already supportive of Aurélien’s bid to retrieve his sword, and he thanks them for their support to strengthen the alliance. The Smeddik clan’s warm but imposing matriarch is won over with the promise of Elven Absinthe distillers to teach the dwarven brewers how to make hallucinogenic liqueurs. The Veishammers take an immediate shine to Lord DuGarde, listening intently as he describes his centuries of combat experience throughout the world. The Förfalsks suggest that their best interest would be to withhold the sword in the hopes that the DuGarde heirs will commission a new legacy from their forge. Aurélien commissions some magic equipment to try to encourage their support.

The Noori Clan is a long-shot, and a private audience with Prince Mellach hints that they may be divided (Iron Dwarves are loathe to discuss their politics with outsiders). It seems that their primary goal is to thwart the blood-traitorous Är, and the enemy of an enemy is a friend.

The Är are, in fact, the biggest long-shot. Their princess seems deferential to the Krakyn’s ambassador. The PC’s do notice her pet monkey is also “enthralled” to Ribdys, but it sneaks away from its mistress to binge-drink at the Smeddik table. This is obviously upsetting to Admiral Hruntiel who chases him down and sobers him up. This is the first time that the PC’s have ever seen a thrall frown.

Sapphire saves the day by striking a legendary bargain with the Eisengaz Clan. Her vassal state, Balta, is the hub of the Shipwrights Guild. Their ports are the major producers of commercial and military vessels in all Coppyrnica. While representatives of the Masons, Smiths, and Merchants guilds live and serve at the pleasure of King Rinrikk, the Shipwrights Guild has never had a presence. Naval needs have traditionally been outsorced to their swashbuckling cousins, the Ironharts, whose ships were stolen, not wrought. It came to light that the Eisengazes wish to build a proper armada for their kingdom. Seizing the opportunity, Sapphire negotiated for half off the Dwarve’s armada in exchange for the Eisengaze’s support in Aurélien’s appeal. The deal is struck, though all agree that the final approval must come from Sapphire’s sugar daddy.



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