Day 338 - Part 2/2

On Two Conditions

Purchasing a quick teleport spell back to Balta (on Dad’s credit, of course), Sapphire is able to consult with her father. Waxing poetic like a medieval Jed Bartlett, he gives Sapphire two conditions before he will accept the order to build a discounted armada. The first is that she get approval from Queen Jocelyn who would no doubt be livid if her subjects sold weapons to foreign powers without her knowledge. The second is that she set aside the ivory-tower pursuits of arcane scholarship and assume her responsibility as heir to House Havencrest. Sapphire agrees on both counts, and her dad’s wizard on retainder zaps her back to Maugrimm.

The Eisengazes accept that Queen Jocelyn could veto the sale, but they agree to give their full support.

After the evening meal, AurĂ©lien returns to his appointed chamber to find an unsigned message on his bed. In Elven scipt, inexpertly penned but perfectly legible, the note reads, “Ask the King why he does not investigate the threats in Underawl!” A strange command, to be sure. Possibly the work of someone unskilled in the art of intrigue. Why write the note in Elven? Why incite you to incite the king? AurĂ©lien brings the note to the royal couple who are unable to hide their surprise and concern.

The PC’s fall asleep seconds after hitting the mattress. What a day.



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