Day 339


After the morning meal, the King and the Clanprinces retire to a private chamber to discuss Lord Aurélien’s request. Their discussion will be private, but their votes will be made public after the verdict is announced.

After a half an hour, the patriarchs emerge and the King reads the verdict. By a vote of four to three, the request is granted. For the first time in decades, the Vaults will be opened and their treasures given up. For the first time in centuries, Aurélien will grip the enchanted sword and hear the whispers of his ancestors.

Ammandine is returned to Aurélien with cheering and applause from all of his friends. When the celebration abates, the votes are revealed. The Eisengazes, Knuts, Smeddiks, Veishammers all voted to grant the request. The Ärs, Nooris, and Förfalsks voted against. The opposition of the Ärs and Nooris comes as no surprise, but the disrespect of the Förfalsks stings Lord DuGarde’s sense of honor. He finds the nearest representative of their family and cancels his order. He also throws a gauntlet, intimating coldly that this marks the dawn of a blood-feud between their Houses.

Now that the matter of the sword is settled, the PC’s are free to discuss the possibility of a lycanthrope homeland in the Mountains-over-Maugrimm. The dwarves seem unthreatened by one more hostile race in the wildlands above their home, but they warn that the orc population is now unusually united. The warlords have fallen in line behind a great conqueror, Trahob the Avalanche, whose long-term intentions (if any) are unknown. He is supported by a Thrall called Admiral Sycora and an Orcish prophet, the twice-named Bisaal-Gruug.

The PC’s say goodbye to their friends at court and take their leave. They reunite with their troops, now rested and ready for a rough journey.



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