Day 340-392

Strangers in a Strange Land

The soldiers’ and weirfolk’s spirits break against the mountains, hard as the sea wind. The hostile environs do not leave a good first impression. Even these most desperate pilgrims cannot put down roots in unyielding stone.

The army marches through the mountains towards the Western coast in the promise of an easier clime. Now avoiding the valley passes, rumored to be cursed, the going is slow and tough.

The PC’s do find themselves drawn into one of the valleys. Believing the site to be the subject of a local legend of interest, they descend into the valley. After a frustrating attempt to get out, they realized that the valley was cursed in some way. They discovered half a dozen stone idols of strange stone. The weathering might indicate incredible age, but who can be sure?

Eventually the players meet Klyff, the Druid who serves as the Warden of Ikon Valley. This place is, apparently, the northernmost holy site of the Coppyrnican members of the Green Faith. The icons’ origin remains unknown, but they exhibit strange properties. Some legends say that offerings made to the icons can grant the supplicant a divine gift. Some say the icons choose youths to serve as their disciples, the way that Nature chooses the Druids to serve her interests. Klyff guides the PC’s out and wishes them well.

Making camp on the shores between the west foothills of Maugrimm and the coast of the Occidental Ocean, the werefolk begin to live a more leisurely life. Like a medieval Long Island vacay, they lay on the beach and chill.



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