Day 393

HMS Calypso vs the Schaitt

The party use their time at the seaside to recuperate from the journey through the mountains. Sapphire is named Grand Marshyll as she marshals the weirfolk, Luminaires, and the Havyncrest entourage to confront the Ironharts on the open sea.

Sapphire gives Dorian the helm of her favorite ship in the Baltic fleet. Over Calypso’s forecastle, Sapphire shouts demands as AurĂ©lien takes his mark, eager for his revenge. He draws Ammandine.

Their ship pulls alongside the Schaitt, driven by a gale force wind. The ship is crewed by the best of the PC’s best. The plan is to board the ship quickly as quickly as possible, eliminate the deck crew, and ignite the hull. The first wave of attackers will jump while the second lays down modified gangplanks that will slide along the railing of the shorter men’s shorter ship. Atsuo takes point in the crow’s nest while Dorian keeps the wheel.



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