Havynhallow Mafia: Day 5

Udo meets with Sistyr Madra, and she wants to investigate the guard impersonator. He convinces her to let him investigate the Brewers Guild. Jocelynn impersonates their usual tax collector, demands some documents, and leaves. Udo sticks around while they make copies.

The brewer who made the alcohol that was spiked with Rage potion was Johnson Fletcher, and he brews at Dragon & Dragon. They also visit the local office of the Mages Guild, but don’t find out anything of importance.

They collect samples from Dragon & Dragon but do not see anything out of the ordinary.

Jocelynn and Lunk go to Fishwife‘s house. There appears to have been a struggle and she is nowhere to be found. There is an arcane mark on the wall that matches one of Jocelynn’s tattoo.

Udo goes to meet Sister Madra in the monestary. Eight women are chained to the wall (including Fishwife) and their familiars are in cages.

Jocelynn visits Madame Cormorant and lets her know what has been going on.



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