Archdækyn Angelo Heryld

Former High Priest of the Commyn Faith


Archprelate Herald is the highest authority in the Commyn faith. He has direct authority over the Priminstyr in Watyrdoun and stands above four prelates who serve below him.

The Archprelate is a proud man of great faith, but is also naturally stingy with his trust. An only child with no living relatives, his faith has been his life since he entered the ministry as a young man. He would do anything to defend it from foreign powers and to preserve it against modern ideas within the Commynwealth.

Angelo seems to take issue with [[:aurelien | Aurélien]’s sympathy towards the lycanthropes. He is lukewarm toward Krisilla, but makes no secret of his enmity towards Aurélien.

Archdækyn Angelo Heryld

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