Chaplyn Agnes Silvermane

Leader of the Knights of the Eclypse


Agnes Silvermane is an inquisitor in the Deaconate church who comes from a long line of werefolk hunters. She is a small woman with bright white hair and intelligent eyes.

The Chaplyn is a cool but polite woman who skirts away from personal matters and gets straight to business. Not even the Umbral Knights whom she commands know the reason for her anti-lycanthrope zeal.

She speaks of lycanthropy as a disease whose only cure is death. She has reframed the Umbral Knights mission as one of mercy, and not just the Commyn defense. She has even instituted a ritual whereby captured lycanthropes may be “forgiven” and “set free” before she “ends their suffering” with her alchemical silver sword.

Chaplyn Agnes Silvermane

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