Sir Donovyn "Timberwings"

Retired Knight of the Gale


Sir Donovan “Timberwings” takes his name from the flying machines he built and piloted for the Knights of the Gale before his retirement. He now spends his days tinkering away at various projects, especially his strange chair with wheels. He is intelligent, witty, and roguish with a Cheshire cat grin.

Donovan comes from humble beginnings. He was an orphan who ran away from the monasteries in Alms, growing up on the streets of Watyrdoun. Hi wit and humor endeared him to the gnomes and his intelligence and hard work earned him the praise of many dwarves. His patchwork education included the arcane arts, tinkering, streetfighting, low-level thievery, and basic survival skills.

It had always been a dream of his to join the Knights of the Gale, a huge honor in Watyrdoun. He practiced flying with temporary spells and he even considered paying for a spell to permanently give him wings.

Instead, he decided to try his hand at jury-rigging a “magic carpet.” This and other early inventions were crude and dangerous. It was during this period that he is rumored to have received most of his scars. He lost his right ear and clipped the tip of his left, accidentally concealing his half-elven heritage.

He worked his way up through the local militia, eventually earning a place among the Gale Knights upon completion of his first flying machine. This first model was small and silent, making him the perfect knight to set out on recon missions. After the knights killed the Great Wyrm of Lanthany, he used the leathery wings to build an even more impressive (and much more resilient) flying machine. His natural flying ability amazed the other knights who said that he swam through the air like a fish in the sea.

His career came to a sudden and unfortunate end when he mysteriously crashed on a routine patrol in the Commynwealth. He doesn’t like to speak of that day, but his superiors seem to believe it was just bad luck, the wind blowing in the precisely wrong way, an isolated perfect storm.

He now sits in a wheelchair that moves of its own accord. He will occasionally and offhandedly refer to his “servant” who pushes the chair, no doubt a reference to the Unseen Servant spell.

Sir Donovyn "Timberwings"

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