Street Drug


Type: inhaled, ingested, or injury
Addiction: Major, Fort DC 24
Price: 1d8 gold/dose
Effects: +2 initiative for 1d4 hours; +1 Dodge bonus to AC; Unknown
Damage: Wisdom -4 for 2d4 hours; Unknown


Dust is the Watyrdoun slang term for a burnt-orange powder used as a drug by a growing segment of the population. It has euphoric and stimulating effects not unlike those of amphetamines. Its origin and nature remain unknown.

Dust is highly addictive so is avoided by most. Though powerful magic and force of will have been known to break the addiction, no case has yet been found of either a Dwarf or a Gnome succeeding in such regard.

It can be taken almost any way imaginable: poured into wine; laced in tobacco; snorted in lines; even eaten straight.

Florian Fiddlefern became addicted to Dust as a result of his work with the Court of Marshalls.


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