Ioun Stones

A Sign of Royal Favor


Ioun Stones in Weirwythawl are the same as ioun stones in the rest of the tabletop gaming universe. The key difference is that they originate in Watyrdoun and, by law, can only be given by the sovereign as a reward for loyal service and fealty. Traditionally, they are also given to the state’s most important offices (the Dauphin, the Archprelate, the Lord Timekeeper, etc.

Their origins are mysterious, but the Commyn belief is that they are made in the Priory. The root of this suspicion is the fact that should an ioun stone’s possessor die, the stone will automatically fly through the air and back to the Priory in Watyrdoun, sometimes appearing as a shooting star in the sky.

Ioun Stones

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