Day 4
The Stage is Set

The arrives back in Watyrdoun and makes a beeline for the library. Penn explains to Florian what took place in Potash and presents him with the journal. Florian orders Penn to take Aurélien and Krisella to the Sacristy to see the Dauphin, Grandmatryn Claudia West.

The Dauphin introduces herself and hears the introductions of the PCs. She seems to know a bit about Aurélien’s family. She listens as Penn recounts the tale once more, then asks for a vial of each party member’s blood, explaining that she will use a powerful ‘blood biography’ spell to confirm their identities.

She returns to the room an hour later and returns the bottles of blood to their respective donors. She then explains that she is one of a few people working on a secret project of the crown. The details of this project are vague but she suggests that the work is in opposition to the Krakyn. She gives Penn a sealed letter addressed to Florian. She reveals that the letter explains that the PCs are worthy of the secret project’s trust, and suggests that he offer them employment, relieving the bookish Penn of his travelling duties.

The party delivers the letter to Florian. The deputy offers them employment and asks that they return on the morrow to sign contracts he will have drafted.

Day 2
Intrigue in Potash

The party is ambushed by six goblin raiders, who are quickly defeated.

Upon entering Potash, they make straight for Willoughby Manor where they are greeted by Deacon Moira Darling and introduced to Beryl Dakar. They ask that Penn and the party retrieve the journal from a storage room at the top of a turret.

When Penn opens the door, the party finds eight motionless bodies whose blood covers the walls and shelves of colored powder and arcane components. When they investigate the party is attacked by an invisible stalker, an angry creature incompletely summoned from another plane. Aurélien uses the powders to reveal the invisible beast, and is able to land a killing blow after Krisella and Penn are knocked unconscious.

Deacon Moira comes to check on the group and finds Aurélien kneeling over his fallen comrades. Aurélien explains what transpired as the deacon finds that one of the eight, a young dwarf named Berold Dakar, is still alive. Moira escorts Berold to his father, locking the door behind her on exit.

The unconscious party members come to with Aurélien’s aid, and the party discusses what to do next. When Deacon Moira returns, Krisilla almost lands an attack on her, which she promptly disguises as showmanship. Moira privately explains what’s happened to Penn. While moving down the spiral stairs, Krisilla launches another failed attack, one which causes the startled Moira to fumble on the stairs and knock herself unconscious. The party exits the manor quietly to the sound of Beryl berating his son Barold in angry Dwarvyn.

The party beds down in the Two-Headed Inn for the night. Penn explains that the apprentices at the institute had been engaging in clandestine research of their own and had torn a gateway into another plane. He asks them to maintain discretion until he can receive instruction from Florian, and prevents Aurélien from gathering information about the invisible stalker in the bar below.

Day 1
A New Job

Krisella and Aurélien take a flyer from the posting wall of the Cat’s Cradle, an inn in the Stumbling district of Watyrdoun.

Krisella and Aurélien accept employment as the armed escort of Penndulin Claddaugh, Deputy Chair of Collections at the Arcane Library.

The party is introduced to Florian Fiddlefern, Chair of Collections. They sign a magically binding contract that stipulates discretion.

After procuring some portions and supplies from Minnigan’s Emporium, the party leaves out of Southgate for their destination.


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