Havynhallow Mafia: Day 5

Udo meets with Sistyr Madra, and she wants to investigate the guard impersonator. He convinces her to let him investigate the Brewers Guild. Jocelynn impersonates their usual tax collector, demands some documents, and leaves. Udo sticks around while they make copies.

The brewer who made the alcohol that was spiked with Rage potion was Johnson Fletcher, and he brews at Dragon & Dragon. They also visit the local office of the Mages Guild, but don’t find out anything of importance.

They collect samples from Dragon & Dragon but do not see anything out of the ordinary.

Jocelynn and Lunk go to Fishwife‘s house. There appears to have been a struggle and she is nowhere to be found. There is an arcane mark on the wall that matches one of Jocelynn’s tattoo.

Udo goes to meet Sister Madra in the monestary. Eight women are chained to the wall (including Fishwife) and their familiars are in cages.

Jocelynn visits Madame Cormorant and lets her know what has been going on.

Havynhallow Mafia: Day 4

Udo spends his morning collecting taxes. He runs into Fox, who asks him to come by and check out his place but not to inform the Ordyr of the Brass. Lunk goes to work, does not see anything unusual. Jocelynn sits in a lecture at the Pyramid.

They go again to the Salty Maiden and Udo speaks to Sistyr Madra, head of the investigation. She says that a small amount of Rage potion was found in the alcohol, and that someone had been impersonating a guard (it was Jocelynn). They do not learn much else.

Havynhallow Mafia: Day 3

The three go to the Salty Maiden to try collecting information. Jocelynn casts a spell of Alter Self and turns into a city guard, learning that the vessel being build in the Shipyard flies over the ocean to transport weapons or armies. In the midst of their fact-finding mission, a brawl breaks out in the bar.

They are able to escape. It seemed that something had come over the people in the tavern. They went to tell Schmidtty about the event, when they hear Madame Cormorant say the secret words. They follow her to her office. She introduces herself as Grand Marshall Cormorant and has them sign contracts. They choose paramours to be their beards.

Havynhallow Mafia: Day 2

The group spends the morning collecting information. When they reunite, they visit Tehanu and get the secret word, “pi.” They are stopped on their way into the temple, but are able to get inside.

As they attempt to make their way through the temple, they are knocked unconscious. They awaken to see Sir Donovan sitting at a taple across from them. They are conscripted into a secret order, an espionage ring known as the Court of Marshalls. They all accept. Their contact will be revealed at a later time, with the code word of “cake.” Their first mission was to ask Tehanu to remain silent on the secrets of the faith.

They report back to Taia and Tehanu, all goes well, then they retire for the evening.

Havynhallow Mafia: Day 1

Maurice and Udo arun into Jocelynn while collecting taxes. A young boy tries to steal from Jocelynn and hides behinds Lunk when pursued. He gets away and the three decide to go to Schmidtty’s for lunch. Rumor has it that the Crown has commissioned a foreign religious group (the Cult of Imhotep) from the country of Ankamun to build weapons for use against the Krakyn. The Cult is a persecuted religion in Ankamun. They originally migrated to the Commonwealth for the religious freedom. Their presence has increased since they got the commission. They have recently broken ground on a new temple in Havynhallow — it is halfway finished.

There are two doors in the temple, one for initiates only and a reading room. Attempts to get into the initiates room failed. Sir Donovan Timberwings rolls out of the door in a wheelchair. He refuses to let them accompany him to Watyrdoun. They retire to their homes for the evening.

Day 393
HMS Calypso vs the Schaitt

The party use their time at the seaside to recuperate from the journey through the mountains. Sapphire is named Grand Marshyll as she marshals the weirfolk, Luminaires, and the Havyncrest entourage to confront the Ironharts on the open sea.

Sapphire gives Dorian the helm of her favorite ship in the Baltic fleet. Over Calypso’s forecastle, Sapphire shouts demands as Aurélien takes his mark, eager for his revenge. He draws Ammandine.

Their ship pulls alongside the Schaitt, driven by a gale force wind. The ship is crewed by the best of the PC’s best. The plan is to board the ship quickly as quickly as possible, eliminate the deck crew, and ignite the hull. The first wave of attackers will jump while the second lays down modified gangplanks that will slide along the railing of the shorter men’s shorter ship. Atsuo takes point in the crow’s nest while Dorian keeps the wheel.

Day 340-392
Strangers in a Strange Land

The soldiers’ and weirfolk’s spirits break against the mountains, hard as the sea wind. The hostile environs do not leave a good first impression. Even these most desperate pilgrims cannot put down roots in unyielding stone.

The army marches through the mountains towards the Western coast in the promise of an easier clime. Now avoiding the valley passes, rumored to be cursed, the going is slow and tough.

The PC’s do find themselves drawn into one of the valleys. Believing the site to be the subject of a local legend of interest, they descend into the valley. After a frustrating attempt to get out, they realized that the valley was cursed in some way. They discovered half a dozen stone idols of strange stone. The weathering might indicate incredible age, but who can be sure?

Eventually the players meet Klyff, the Druid who serves as the Warden of Ikon Valley. This place is, apparently, the northernmost holy site of the Coppyrnican members of the Green Faith. The icons’ origin remains unknown, but they exhibit strange properties. Some legends say that offerings made to the icons can grant the supplicant a divine gift. Some say the icons choose youths to serve as their disciples, the way that Nature chooses the Druids to serve her interests. Klyff guides the PC’s out and wishes them well.

Making camp on the shores between the west foothills of Maugrimm and the coast of the Occidental Ocean, the werefolk begin to live a more leisurely life. Like a medieval Long Island vacay, they lay on the beach and chill.

Day 339

After the morning meal, the King and the Clanprinces retire to a private chamber to discuss Lord Aurélien’s request. Their discussion will be private, but their votes will be made public after the verdict is announced.

After a half an hour, the patriarchs emerge and the King reads the verdict. By a vote of four to three, the request is granted. For the first time in decades, the Vaults will be opened and their treasures given up. For the first time in centuries, Aurélien will grip the enchanted sword and hear the whispers of his ancestors.

Ammandine is returned to Aurélien with cheering and applause from all of his friends. When the celebration abates, the votes are revealed. The Eisengazes, Knuts, Smeddiks, Veishammers all voted to grant the request. The Ärs, Nooris, and Förfalsks voted against. The opposition of the Ärs and Nooris comes as no surprise, but the disrespect of the Förfalsks stings Lord DuGarde’s sense of honor. He finds the nearest representative of their family and cancels his order. He also throws a gauntlet, intimating coldly that this marks the dawn of a blood-feud between their Houses.

Now that the matter of the sword is settled, the PC’s are free to discuss the possibility of a lycanthrope homeland in the Mountains-over-Maugrimm. The dwarves seem unthreatened by one more hostile race in the wildlands above their home, but they warn that the orc population is now unusually united. The warlords have fallen in line behind a great conqueror, Trahob the Avalanche, whose long-term intentions (if any) are unknown. He is supported by a Thrall called Admiral Sycora and an Orcish prophet, the twice-named Bisaal-Gruug.

The PC’s say goodbye to their friends at court and take their leave. They reunite with their troops, now rested and ready for a rough journey.

Day 338 - Part 2/2
On Two Conditions

Purchasing a quick teleport spell back to Balta (on Dad’s credit, of course), Sapphire is able to consult with her father. Waxing poetic like a medieval Jed Bartlett, he gives Sapphire two conditions before he will accept the order to build a discounted armada. The first is that she get approval from Queen Jocelyn who would no doubt be livid if her subjects sold weapons to foreign powers without her knowledge. The second is that she set aside the ivory-tower pursuits of arcane scholarship and assume her responsibility as heir to House Havencrest. Sapphire agrees on both counts, and her dad’s wizard on retainder zaps her back to Maugrimm.

The Eisengazes accept that Queen Jocelyn could veto the sale, but they agree to give their full support.

After the evening meal, Aurélien returns to his appointed chamber to find an unsigned message on his bed. In Elven scipt, inexpertly penned but perfectly legible, the note reads, “Ask the King why he does not investigate the threats in Underawl!” A strange command, to be sure. Possibly the work of someone unskilled in the art of intrigue. Why write the note in Elven? Why incite you to incite the king? Aurélien brings the note to the royal couple who are unable to hide their surprise and concern.

The PC’s fall asleep seconds after hitting the mattress. What a day.

Day 338 - Part 1/2
Lobby of the Mountain Kings

The day begins with the notice that Aurélien’s sword has, indeed, been located in the Vaults of Maugrimm. The PC’s roll up their sleeves, paint their faces, and set to politickin’.

First they themselves with the seven major clans of Maugrimm. The Eisengaz Clan has ruled since the end of the 2nd Tidal War and seems to specialize in politics both foreign and domestic. The Knut Clan’s members are most commonly merchants, and are favorably inclined to support Aurélien. They heard his story from their kinsman, Hanza Knut, whom Aurélien had met in Samar. The Veishammers are the most imposing, a line of armored mercenaries on either side of the table. The Smeddiks are the least imposing. Their age-old control of the Maugrimm brewing operations seems to have indulged their race’s latent alcoholism. The Noori’s are the most standoffish; being the “levite” caste of lorekeepers and holy men requires them to limit their contact with non-dwarves. The Förfalsk table is the dirtiest. Most of their clansmen came straight from the forge where they work the finest metal and stone in all Coppyrnica.

The Är clan is the msot unusual. Their table seats the representative of the Ironhart Dwarves, subjects of the Holy Sea, as well as the Krakyn’s emmissary, Admiral Hruntiel Thrall and her pet monkey Nkawu. Once the proud engineers of the kingdom’s food delivery system, the Är have seen their wealth and prestige slowly decline throughout the centuries. In a bid to reclaim lost glory, they seem to have allied themselves with the Krakyn. About half of the clansmen now practice the Briney Faith, which has invoked the ire of the other clans (particularly the Noori).

The leader of each clan is given the title Prince or Princess. The patriarchs of each clan are:

The Knut Clan is already supportive of Aurélien’s bid to retrieve his sword, and he thanks them for their support to strengthen the alliance. The Smeddik clan’s warm but imposing matriarch is won over with the promise of Elven Absinthe distillers to teach the dwarven brewers how to make hallucinogenic liqueurs. The Veishammers take an immediate shine to Lord DuGarde, listening intently as he describes his centuries of combat experience throughout the world. The Förfalsks suggest that their best interest would be to withhold the sword in the hopes that the DuGarde heirs will commission a new legacy from their forge. Aurélien commissions some magic equipment to try to encourage their support.

The Noori Clan is a long-shot, and a private audience with Prince Mellach hints that they may be divided (Iron Dwarves are loathe to discuss their politics with outsiders). It seems that their primary goal is to thwart the blood-traitorous Är, and the enemy of an enemy is a friend.

The Är are, in fact, the biggest long-shot. Their princess seems deferential to the Krakyn’s ambassador. The PC’s do notice her pet monkey is also “enthralled” to Ribdys, but it sneaks away from its mistress to binge-drink at the Smeddik table. This is obviously upsetting to Admiral Hruntiel who chases him down and sobers him up. This is the first time that the PC’s have ever seen a thrall frown.

Sapphire saves the day by striking a legendary bargain with the Eisengaz Clan. Her vassal state, Balta, is the hub of the Shipwrights Guild. Their ports are the major producers of commercial and military vessels in all Coppyrnica. While representatives of the Masons, Smiths, and Merchants guilds live and serve at the pleasure of King Rinrikk, the Shipwrights Guild has never had a presence. Naval needs have traditionally been outsorced to their swashbuckling cousins, the Ironharts, whose ships were stolen, not wrought. It came to light that the Eisengazes wish to build a proper armada for their kingdom. Seizing the opportunity, Sapphire negotiated for half off the Dwarve’s armada in exchange for the Eisengaze’s support in Aurélien’s appeal. The deal is struck, though all agree that the final approval must come from Sapphire’s sugar daddy.


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