Day 1
A New Job

Krisella and Aurélien take a flyer from the posting wall of the Cat’s Cradle, an inn in the Stumbling district of Watyrdoun.

Krisella and Aurélien accept employment as the armed escort of Penndulin Claddaugh, Deputy Chair of Collections at the Arcane Library.

The party is introduced to Florian Fiddlefern, Chair of Collections. They sign a magically binding contract that stipulates discretion.

After procuring some portions and supplies from Minnigan’s Emporium, the party leaves out of Southgate for their destination.

Day 2
Intrigue in Potash

The party is ambushed by six goblin raiders, who are quickly defeated.

Upon entering Potash, they make straight for Willoughby Manor where they are greeted by Deacon Moira Darling and introduced to Beryl Dakar. They ask that Penn and the party retrieve the journal from a storage room at the top of a turret.

When Penn opens the door, the party finds eight motionless bodies whose blood covers the walls and shelves of colored powder and arcane components. When they investigate the party is attacked by an invisible stalker, an angry creature incompletely summoned from another plane. Aurélien uses the powders to reveal the invisible beast, and is able to land a killing blow after Krisella and Penn are knocked unconscious.

Deacon Moira comes to check on the group and finds Aurélien kneeling over his fallen comrades. Aurélien explains what transpired as the deacon finds that one of the eight, a young dwarf named Berold Dakar, is still alive. Moira escorts Berold to his father, locking the door behind her on exit.

The unconscious party members come to with Aurélien’s aid, and the party discusses what to do next. When Deacon Moira returns, Krisilla almost lands an attack on her, which she promptly disguises as showmanship. Moira privately explains what’s happened to Penn. While moving down the spiral stairs, Krisilla launches another failed attack, one which causes the startled Moira to fumble on the stairs and knock herself unconscious. The party exits the manor quietly to the sound of Beryl berating his son Barold in angry Dwarvyn.

The party beds down in the Two-Headed Inn for the night. Penn explains that the apprentices at the institute had been engaging in clandestine research of their own and had torn a gateway into another plane. He asks them to maintain discretion until he can receive instruction from Florian, and prevents Aurélien from gathering information about the invisible stalker in the bar below.

Day 4
The Stage is Set

The arrives back in Watyrdoun and makes a beeline for the library. Penn explains to Florian what took place in Potash and presents him with the journal. Florian orders Penn to take Aurélien and Krisella to the Sacristy to see the Dauphin, Grandmatryn Claudia West.

The Dauphin introduces herself and hears the introductions of the PCs. She seems to know a bit about Aurélien’s family. She listens as Penn recounts the tale once more, then asks for a vial of each party member’s blood, explaining that she will use a powerful ‘blood biography’ spell to confirm their identities.

She returns to the room an hour later and returns the bottles of blood to their respective donors. She then explains that she is one of a few people working on a secret project of the crown. The details of this project are vague but she suggests that the work is in opposition to the Krakyn. She gives Penn a sealed letter addressed to Florian. She reveals that the letter explains that the PCs are worthy of the secret project’s trust, and suggests that he offer them employment, relieving the bookish Penn of his travelling duties.

The party delivers the letter to Florian. The deputy offers them employment and asks that they return on the morrow to sign contracts he will have drafted.

Day 5
The Pieces are Moving

The PCs return to the library to find Florian waiting with the contract. After Krisilla negotiates the contract length from five months to two months, both PCs sign. They detected no magical effect in the document.

Day 6-106
The First Downtime

The PCs spend two months collecting texts from secret contacts throughout the Commynwealth. The books include various old histories, spellbooks, errata, books of legends, maps of the Underawl and coastal caves, charts of islands and currents, taxonomies of dire animals, and (of course) genealogies.

During their travels, they mostly visit Havynhallow and Fairport, but also the Elkwood, Senika, and Potash.

The PCs each earn:

  • 50 gold wages
  • 100 gold bonus
  • 26 gold in loot
  • 30 days of downtime

With this downtime, Aurélien continues his magical training and networks in the College. Krisilla begins to organize a fight club in Watyrdoun, hoping to grow the venture over time.

Day 107
He Went That Way!

The PCs wait in Madame Cormorant’s, a bordello in Havynhallow, expecting to meet a Patryn Heathclyff Moriarty to collect information for the library. Krisilla waits in a room disguised as a prostitute while Aurélien keeps watch from the Voyeurs Room via secret eyeholes in a wall painting.

The PCs hear cries in the lobby and Aurélien rushes out to investigate. A man lies dead in the doorway, murdered by a well-dressed client of the brothel who escaped on foot. The PCs give chase and manage to catch up to him on Pilgrims Way, but lose him in the crowd. Aurélien is able to mark his athletic style, but not to identify it.

The PCs return to the scene of the crime where they meet Sir Otis Deerhart, captain in the Knights of the Brass. He appreciates their report of the culprit, and agrees to allow them to investigate under the assumption that they are working on behalf of the Patryn’s family.

The fatal wound was a deep puncture to the heart, as if by a dagger, with two shallower impressions on either side. The book they were to collect is is gone, but the PCs manage to get a blood sample sent to the college for further study.

Day 117
A Rash of Murders

The players arrive back in Watyrdoun and make their report to Florian who is unsurprised. It seems as though six other patryns and matryns they had been working with throughout the Commynwealth were all murdered on the same day, their Genealogies stolen. No authorities seem to have any leads, and the analysis of Patryn Moriarty’s blood yields no useful results.

Florian tells the PCs to lay low for a few days and wait for further instructions.

Day 118-119
A Miserable Plague

Aurélien wakes up and finds Krisilla pacing around her room in a frenzied, rabid state. When he runs to get help, he finds that many in the city are exhibiting the same symptoms before succumbing to catatonia. When he returns to her room, she too is unconscious.

The city is in a panic and most people are off of the streets. Florian informs Aurélien that the plague is affecting five other cities throughout the Commynwealth. No one seems to know the cause, but the disease is so potent that even the fleas on its victims’ bodies are said to die from the infection. There are few fatalities but half of the nation is at a terrified standstill. The people of the realm have named the plague “The Misery”.

Florian rushes throughout the city searching for answers. The only ones on the street appear to be clerics burning sage and corpses in the streets and poorfolk looting the bodies and houses of the dead. On his way to see his friend Ephraim Cartyr, he spies a gnome shimmying into a boarded-up building. Sneaking in through the chimney, he finds the place covered in refuse and infested by rats. When investigating the second floor, he finds one of the rats staring at him curiously, and manages to wrestle it into submission whereupon it takes its hybrid form.

The building, turns out, is the home of the wererat Matteo Widdershins (though he would not learn his name until much later). The two quickly realize that they mean each other no harm and begin to speak of the Misery. Matteo seems beset by violent fits of scratching, and intimates that he may be able to pass along the cure for the plague if Aurélien can get him a tonic to stop his itching without killing his fleas.

Aurélien goes to Minnigan’s Emporium and asks Mihaul if she has anything that fits the bill. The gnomess tells him she may have some botch potions that would work in the “Oops Paint” room in one of the conical towers. Florian finds what he needs and the Minnigans let him have it free of charge.

Xherdan bar Granit joins Aurélien for the handoff, which takes place at the Burrows in Wetwall, a neighborhood in the Gnome District. Matteo emerges from the burrows in his rat form with a small scroll tied to his back which he trades Aurélien for the tonic before disappearing back into the abandoned tunnels. The parchment reads PENNYROYAL AND DUST.

Aurélien receives some Dust free of charge from Ephraim, who expects a favor in return one day. Xherdan assists Aurélien in making an infusion for Krisilla, who wakes up shortly after swallowing. The men quickly evacuate the room as Krisilla defecates and bleeds all over the floor, screaming in an inebriated rage.

Aurélien takes knowledge of the cure to Grandmatryn Claudia West who dispatches her clerics to spread the word. She presses Aurélien to give up his source, knowing that it could lead back to the cause of the disease. When he finally gives in, the Grandmatryn sends her inquisitors to Matteo’s home in Highmarket and takes him into custody. The Dauphin is very impressed with Aurélien’s bravery in facing the plague to save his friend, and even seems to respect his loyalty to the wererat.

Aurélien meets with the wererat in his prison cell. Matteo explains that the plague was magically manufactured by order of his Lady, the Werequeen, who hides in the woods of Flourentia under the protection of the Seelie Court. When Aurélien tells him that his life is in danger in the Commynwealth’s custody, he assumes rat form and slips out of his cell while Aurélien makes a casual exit.

Day 120

News of the cure spreads throughout the Commynwealth as Aurélien is made famous for his efforts.

Florian explains to the PCs that they will no longer be working for the library and the Mages College. Instead, they will be Marshalls working for the Crown. The “Court of Marshalls” is a secret organization funded by the Council to bolster the nation’s defenses. This angered many councilors who were suspicious of such large sums of money being spent without oversight.

Florian also explains that the PCs will not know who all of the other Marshalls are. There will be a small induction ceremony on the morrow and the queen and the archmage are expected to be in attendance.

During some free time, Krisilla and her fight club fought some dwarves and kicked some ass. Krisilla earned the undying respect and loyalty of her club-mates by fighting through the pain of recovery.

Day 121
Accolades from the Archmage

After spending the day running errands, the PCs go to a room in the library where the ceremony is to take place. First, Florian runs through the PCs new contract which is agreeable to both Aurélien and Krisilla.

In attendance are Deans Drucilla and Elebor Halimion, Dean Aramil Oulu, Florian, Grandmatryn Claudia West, and Archmage Percival Praxis. The archmage makes a strange first impression with his otherworldly appearance and manners. He explains that the queen was invited to sup with the ambassador from the Holy Sea and could not refuse without drawing attention to the Marshalls. The archmage oversees the short ceremony, including the colée-style accolade in which he backhands the PCs with a gauntleted hand.

In commemoration of their service, the PCs are given:

After the ceremony, Florian and the Halimions explain that the PCs can no longer stay in College lodgings since they will no longer be employed by the Arcane Library. The Halimions offer the PCs their gatehouse until the PCs can make other arrangements. The couple dispatches servants to have their belongings moved from the dormitories.


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