Havynhallow Mafia: Day 1

Maurice and Udo arun into Jocelynn while collecting taxes. A young boy tries to steal from Jocelynn and hides behinds Lunk when pursued. He gets away and the three decide to go to Schmidtty’s for lunch. Rumor has it that the Crown has commissioned a foreign religious group (the Cult of Imhotep) from the country of Ankamun to build weapons for use against the Krakyn. The Cult is a persecuted religion in Ankamun. They originally migrated to the Commonwealth for the religious freedom. Their presence has increased since they got the commission. They have recently broken ground on a new temple in Havynhallow — it is halfway finished.

There are two doors in the temple, one for initiates only and a reading room. Attempts to get into the initiates room failed. Sir Donovan Timberwings rolls out of the door in a wheelchair. He refuses to let them accompany him to Watyrdoun. They retire to their homes for the evening.



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